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Mamut-tim d.o.o. has been on the market for more than 30 years, and stood out for its experience and knowledge in the field of grinding, acquired in the country and abroad.  They further upgraded their experience by working in a research team within the framework of research at the University of Maribor.

To existing and future business partners Mamut-tim d.o.o. offers a complete range of products and accessories for cutting, grinding and processing various materials under the MAMUT brand or under its own brand.

Mamut-tim d.o.o. pays great attention to the quality control of its products. After heat treatment, products from each batch are randomly selected and their quality is checked. Each product must achieve a certain cutting or grinding quality and have appropriate mechanical or safety features. In the event that the quality does not meet the prescribed standards, the entire series is excluded from production, which means that it is re-controlled, checked for conformity, and in case of major deviations, the entire series is excluded from production and treated in accordance with the guidelines of the company’s quality management system.    For these reasons, MAMUT products quickly became popular among our satisfied customers.

Among the products of the MAMUT brand in our assortment, you can find various dimensions of cutting and grinding plates, lamellar grinding discs, fiber grinding discs, various forms of grinding plugs, pots and fan-shaped grinding wheels.