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The story of this brand began back in 1927. when Alessandro Morganti opened a workshop for the production of forged tools called Morganti. After many years of work, in 1975 it was time for the brand to get the symbol and name by which it is recognized in the world today – Kapriol.
Morganti S.p.A. has gradually grown, occupying a dominant role on construction sites in Italy and worldwide, becoming synonymous with recognized quality and safety, as well as innovation and reliability.

Today, the Kapriol brand has expanded its offer and can boast a catalog with over 5,000 products, in which work clothes and footwear, safety devices and tools stand out.

 Great tradition and experience in production make Kapriol a unique brand on the market that is recognizable for its original design, top quality and affordable prices. In our assortment, we offer a wide selection of footwear and clothing for everyday, personal or professional use, hand tools for various types of work, equipment for work at height and other protective equipment. The desire for continuous innovation combined with the skills developed over the years led to the creation of the Kapriol Lab within the company, a place dedicated to research, design and development of new products and solutions, as well as quality control.