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Erwin Halder KG is a global corporation located in southern Germany. Modern machines, highly qualified employees and more than 80 years of experience make it an ideal partner for industry and trade.

Electus product range includes these main groups: soft surface hammers (simplex, baseplex), small hammers (simplex), soft surface non-rebound hammers (supercraft, blackcraft), small non-rebound hammers (supercraft) and combination hammers (ferroplex).

Halder swears by the best value for money – it’s economical and durable based on replaceable inserts, materials and quality construction. Hammers are safe and ergonomic thanks to nylon and rubber inserts and dead blow technology, which requires less force during impact. The user requires less effort, less stress on the joints and less fatigue. All parts of the hammer are replaceable – inserts, housing and handles. Inserts differ in hardness and strength, from copper, metal, superplastic and rubber – but also in size. The sizes of the inserts can be from 20 to 50 centimeters, which means that you can adjust each hammer to your needs. The housings of Halder hammers can be iron or aluminum, and the handles are ergonomically shaped and wooden, made of hickory wood or non-slip steel.

Halder hammers have gained a worldwide reputation for quality, performance and affordability, but the only impression that matters is yours.