The FALA brand offers kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower panels and a large selection of linear drains. Modern design and refined details create an attractive, coherent style. Products in unique collections are accompanied by accessories that complement the brand’s range.

Therefore, one of our best-selling items are FALA flexible faucets. Practical and aesthetic flexible faucets with a flexible spout are an innovative idea to facilitate work at the sink. They are characterized by a flexible spout that can be given any shape, precisely adjusting the angle, height and range of the water flow according to your needs. The faucet is ideal for kitchen and home sinks.

Our customers have recognized the quality of FALA linear drains. The FALA linear drain is a great idea for an elegant and practical arrangement of the bathroom. The wide range of available sizes enables optimal adaptation of its length to the dimensions of the cabin or tiles and enables the planning of the shower area with more freedom than in the case of classic shower tubs. It is completely made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, detergents and mechanical damage.