Eco Service

Eco Service is an Italian company that manufactures and distributes chemical products with a high technological content to meet the needs of industry, homes, cars, motorcycles, navigation, DIY, the construction sector. The daily activity of its research laboratories and the use of raw materials of European origin, allow Eco Service to always offer innovative, efficient and ecological solutions, through the formulation of products that respect the environment and end users, easy to use, capable of solving any problem of lubrication, protection, cleaning, gluing and similar.

Among our customers, Eco Service colour spray paints stand out in particular. They are “A+” certified, and they protect and decorate all interior and exterior surfaces. ECO SERVICE uses high quality resin, CFC (chlorofluorocarbons)-free propellants, and refined completely lead-free pigments that are highly resistant to the elements and to light. Eco Service puts a special “self-cleaning valve” on each can, as well as a safety lid to prevent children from accidentally opening them. Eco Service uses cans that each resist 15 BAR of pressure without deforming.

In our range of Eco Service products, we also offer numerous lubricants intended for lubrication and protection. Within the lubricants – protective line, you will find universal products, such as W8 – the only biodegradable rust removal spray with 8 functions and specific highly professional products.