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Schuller Eh'klar

Schuller’s long-term business strategy has been shaped over more than 50 years of existence. The transparent marketing method attracts both “do-it-yourself” and professionals. Carefully selected products are based on price and quality criteria.

As for the basic elements of the product portfolio, Schuller always strives to meet the high demands of the market, always keeping carefully selected products in mind. It offers a wide range of tools for all painting purposes and covering materials. In the Schuller assortment you can find paint brushes and rollers of various sizes, protective adhesive tapes with very high adhesion, various abrasives, tools such as silicone guns, spatulas, scrapers, and the like. Consumer-friendly packages provide guidance on the use of the product and also good advice for the handyman.  ​​Products are packaged only where the nature of the product requires it.

The perfectly matched breadth and depth of the range is absolutely vital and therefore a significant factor in Schuller’s long-term success. The market, customer habits and technological developments are closely monitored.​​ All products are extensively tested before they are presented to Schuller customers, not only in terms of sustainability, but also for environmental and customer benefits.